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(ei otsikkoa) [kesäk. 16., 2016|06:16 am]
[Musiikki |The 69 Eyes and Ville Valo, Lazarus Heart]

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(ei otsikkoa) [elok. 27., 2006|02:48 pm]
[Musiikki |All American Dream, The 69 Eyes featuring Ville Valo]

I hate school.
A hour is alright though.
First hour is boring, I hate french.
Second hour is okay, Mr. Steiner is a good teacher.
Third hour is fun, we get to watch Muzzy all the time.
Fourth hour is horrible, I'm going to have to drop it cause I'm the most useless aide in the world.
Fifth hour is boring, Ms. Clayton doesn't teach us, the book does.
Sixth hour is good, I like having sectionals with Mrs. Bennett again.
Seventh hour is the worst, I hate English, and I hate reading all of the extremely boring books over the summer.

I'm glad my mom made me stay home twice this week.

Five days left until I find out if I won.
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